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Everything's gonna be alright

Reversed animation where the moving picture can be realized only by the moving (running) viewers instead of moving frames. 

In Lyon along the river Saône I found a section with 25 pieces of 1x1 m square surface, in two rows. I used it for making a reversed animation: it consists of 25 concrete surface as phase or frame, which becomes 1 seconds moving picture if we 'watch it quickly'. Two symmetric wavy lines approach to each other, their amplitudes are decreasing and decreasing, while in the middle they meet in quiescence, in a straight line.

This story is like about two people who are doing wavemotion, as if they are holding the two ends of the rope. The movement is symmetrical so it is the same and opposite at the same time. As their dialog are going on, their aspects are approaching and at the end they are able to understands each other.  


At the riverbank it is followed by works of officially invited artists, titled Rives de Saône.

Lyon, Quai Clemanceau, 2017.

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